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…how much I’m going to miss my internship?!!! It really just hit me today when I was there how amazing it’s been spending time at the office, reading manuscripts and just interacting with the agents. Since I’m naturally a pretty shy person in new situations (shut up all you people who know me very well, I hear you laughing . . . but remember when we first met, and I could actually be silent for more than three seconds at a time?), it’s taken me too long to really get comfortable at my internship. And now that I am, it’s almost done 😦 I don’t want to think about leaving; I’m going to miss everybody and everything about the internship SO much!

Why does it always happen that JUST as soon as you start to settle into a routine, get comfortable somewhere, feel like you’re in the groove of things, it’s time to move on to something else? I guess that’s life . . . and since I do believe that everything happens for a reason, I know I’ll end up where I’m supposed to be next. It’s not going to be able to rival my current internship, but I’m sure it’ll be great. Life has a funny way of working out exactly the way it’s supposed to.

Can I also give a huge shout-out to Suzie and Joanna, my incredibly wonderful, super nice and helpful supervisors? They’ve been helping me with a potential job possibility (I don’t want to say too much yet to jinx anything . . . ) and have been amazing with helping me prepare. They really, truly care about seeing their interns go on to jobs that are right for us. I couldn’t be more grateful! They’ve taught me so much about the industry, and through their guidance, I’ve learned what aspects of publishing I most enjoy. I know I’ll take this knowledge and use it in my next endeavor, whatever that may be. Thank you guys times a million!!!!!!!!

I will update as soon as I have new developments in my post-internship plans. I’m going home next Thursday for Christmas, and I’m soooo excited to spend some time in Pittsburgh for the holidays . . . even though I’ll actually be in Alabama for Christmas and New Year’s, visiting family. Can’t wait! Happy holidays everyone!



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