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God is Undeniably a Saints Fan

Posted on: January 31, 2010

I never would have believed it—the New Orleans Saints in the SUPERBOWL?! The same Saints that had never won a playoff game until three years ago, that for years and years had almost consistently been under 500? While my undying loyalty in the game of football goes to the Pittsburgh Steelers, I’m also a Saints fan by genetics—my mom’s from southern Louisiana and is one of the biggest Saints fans you’ll ever meet. Her family, most of whom live down there, are huge fans as well, so I guess I’ve just got some black and gold blood running through me by default—which happens to be pretty close to Steelers colors, so I guess that works out all right in the end.

With my boys not even making the playoffs this year (it’s okay guys, you can’t be perfect every year), I had to find another team to rally around so I could continue to enjoy my favorite sport through the postseason—enter the New Orleans Saints! The underdogs, the boys who have never seen Super Bowl turf, the team from a broken city, ravaged four years ago by a devastating hurricane, a group of players who have struggled for years and years, under many coaches and quarterbacks, to get somewhere—and they finally have.

Watching the championship game last Sunday, I felt like someone watching a poor, injured kitten trying to cross the road on a maimed paw before that car in the distance reaches it. Poor Saints. They’ve tried so hard, and it was finally looking like they had a shot to get across that road. So of course, it would come down to a nail-biting field goal in overtime when the team has a history of folding under pressure and the kicker a notorious case of nerves that’s caused him to miss several makeable field goals in the past. My mom told me she heard that the day before the game, the kicker called his dad and told him he had a feeling the game was going to come down to a field goal at the 42-yard line on the right hash side. It was a 40-yard field goal on the right hash side.

I feel like a terrible person for saying this, but I’ll admit it anyway—I started praying when he was getting ready to kick the field goal. I know it’s stupid to pray about sports, but my only defense is that God is surely a Saints fan—not just because of the team name, but also because of their underdog status. So I started saying an Our Father, and right as I was reciting “thy will be done,” the field goal soars straight through the goal posts. A perfect kick, dead-on.

Oh, yeah. God’s a Saints fan.

Anyway, the reason I share this on my blog is because I see some parallels between this poor struggling football team that’s finally made it to the top and—me. No, I don’t wear spandex pants (and would never be caught dead in them, thank you very much). I probably couldn’t throw a football more than ten yards or kick one half that distance. But I’ve also struggled to find my perfect job, and I’ve taken SO many steps to get here. I’m finally doing what I love and succeeding at it. Not only have I played the games, I’ve made it to the Superbowl (also known as Harlequin Books, lower Manhattan).

After my second week at Harlequin, I’m more sure than ever that this is right for me, and I’m beginning to see a lot more of the little blessings that came with this career than I first picked up on. This second week flew by. It was like I blinked, and suddenly it was Friday. I definitely took that as a good sign because it means I must like what I’m doing in order for time to pass so fast. Plus, I really like my coworkers, and overall, I’m incredibly pleased with the way things have turned out.

Last week I got to write an editorial letter to an author. I was really excited to have the opportunity to do something so hands-on so early on. Of course, my boss looked it over and made changes before sending it to the author, but she said I was definitely on the right track, and I appreciated her explanation of the changes she made so I can amend for next time.

I also had the opportunity to read an incredible manuscript by a New York Times bestselling author. I had read a few of this author’s books before my interview so I could get an idea of the types of books that Harlequin publishes, and I loved her style. So when her newest manuscript came in—the next volume in the series I had been reading—I was really excited when my boss said I could read it and work on another editorial letter. Part of me was nervous because she’s such a brilliant writer, and who am I to suggest changes in her manuscript? But it was also very exciting. I got PAID to spend a few whole days reading this newest book, something I would have gladly read for free.

One night I even took it home with me to read because I had just finished a book on the subway that morning and wanted to start a new one. So I figured why not just read this? Then I had an epiphany, if you will. I realized that this truly is my dream job because I’m doing what I love—what I’d be doing in my free time, reading great novels—for my career. Getting paid to do something that feels like a far cry from work. I’m not only using my college education, I’m using it well. I’ve found that blend of passion and career that sadly, it seems like so few people actually get, except in high-profile careers like acting or playing football. I am so blessed.

On Friday we had a movie day. Apparently once a month an employee gets to choose a movie and show it for everyone in the conference room, then lead a discussion after. It’s supposed to relate to some of our books, but I think it’s just an excuse to spend a Friday watching a movie instead of working 😛

The best part of all this? I’m still on my way up the ladder. I’m just an editorial assistant, yet I feel like the rookie whose team hits the Superbowl his first year. I have a very optimistic feeling that things are only going to get better for me from here on. Even though this is just a beginning in so many ways, I also feel like I’ve hit a pinnacle of sorts, in that my job search is finally over, and I’m in a career at last. I found a job not only in my field, but one that consists of everything I’ve ever wanted to do. I’ve made it to the major leagues. And I see several Superbowl rings in my future…


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