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I didn’t know there were snow days in the real world . . . but I’ll take ’em!

Posted on: February 10, 2010

It’s true, it’s true! I have a snow day today! In my half-asleep stupor, I thought I was still dreaming when I called the office at 6:45 this morning and heard the message: “Harlequin’s office is closed today due to extreme weather conditions.” And for good reason–the city’s supposedly getting 12-18 inches today. I think it started around midnight, and I heard on the news this morning that we’ve already gotten 5 1/2.

I was shocked when I looked outside. This is the first time I’ve seen snow on the ground here. In fact, despite what people have told me, I didn’t believe that it could snow in New York City. Too much concrete, too many people, too much activity? I didn’t know exactly why, but the fact that February had rolled around and I had only seen flurries in the air–no accumulation at all on the ground–I was a skeptic that snow could permeate NYC. Well, I was proved wrong. And now I have a snow day to enjoy!

There’s always so much pressure on days like today. You don’t want to waste it. It’s unexpected yet hoped for so strongly that once it comes, you don’t want to mess it up. The office was all a-buzz yesterday that we might have the day off or at least get sent home early, but I honestly didn’t think it would happen. I think so much of the joy from snow days comes just from the fact that it’s a surprise. You wake up, find out that school or work or whatever is cancelled, then you’re faced with an entire day of nothing to do. So many options. Go back to sleep or stay up and enjoy every second of the newfound freedom? Catch up on things you’ve been meaning to do or be a complete waste of life? Watch TV, read, just relax?

Oh so many options. It’s beautiful. Life is just so crazy that an unplanned-for event like a snow day becomes a glorious thing just because it takes away from the craziness. It forces you to stop and say This day is mine. I can do WHATEVER I WANT. How often do we get an entire day for that, or even five minutes? I love that this one fell right in the middle of the week, too. A perfect way to break it up. A calm point in the dead center of a busy week before a holiday.

I’m sure this will happen probably 2.035 times in my 50 years in the workforce. I know I won’t count on a snow day from work every winter. But that just adds to the beauty of today, in my opinion 🙂

No pressure. No stress. Nothing to do.

Hmmm…I’m bored 😦


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