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Greetings from Brooklyn! The reason I haven’t written for SO long is because I’ve been in the hectic process of apartment hunting and moving . . . a stressful undertaking made even more stressful by the fact that this is New York City where real estate is like gold (and worth it too), and the market is so competitive that you literally have to bring hundreds of dollars in cash to every apartment you look at because if you find something you love, chances are it’ll be gone if you take too much time to think about it.

So I haven’t really had time to do anything other than try to find a new home for awhile now—but the good news is, I’m finally settled! My incredible saintly parents made the eight-hour drive a couple weekends ago to move me in the pouring rain from Queens to Brooklyn. I’ve spent the past few weeks getting organized and buying things we needed for the apartment. In defense for not posting on here in so long, we’ve also had some trouble finding an ISP and getting internet service—but that’s finally taken care of.

While I’ve been stressed for the past several weeks with finding roommates and an apartment, it was good stress—because I feel like my New York life has taken a turn in an upward direction! I LOVE my new apartment. It’s an old pre-war building, very ornate and beautifully decorated. It’s a walk-up, and I’m on the third floor out of four. I live in an area called Crown Heights that’s heavily African American, but it’s on the edge of four different neighborhoods, all of which have a lot to offer to Brooklyn. I also went exploring last weekend because it was GORGEOUS out, and I’m not far from a very nice section of Brooklyn that’s supposed to attract a lot of young people—bustling streets, amazing-looking restaurants, quaint coffee shops and a beautiful, large park. With the weather finally edging toward spring, I plan to wander over there a lot to hang out.

I think this move is for the better because I already love my new neighborhood, and I’m so happy to be living with two friends. We’re all in publishing so by default we have a ton in common. And with friends to explore the neighborhood, I think I’m going to be in for an awesome summer in NYC. It’s been so exciting buying things for the apartment, setting up our electricity, gas and internet, etc.—I feel like I’m doing a lot of important, real-world things that prove I’m making it here in the big city. I’m doing just fine.

The other night after work my roommates and I went to Target to go grocery shopping, and we discovered it was in this giant mall that’s actually inside a subway station. So we somehow found ourselves inside a DSW shoe store, looking at shoes when we had absolutely no groceries in the apartment. I was just cruising down aisle after aisle, watching all the shoes float past, and suddenly I was so happy I almost couldn’t contain myself. I somehow knew that everything would fall into place with the apartment. We had a lot to do (and we still do), but what’s the rush? Slowly but surely, I’ll get organized here, and we’ll accumulate all the furniture and random stuff that we need. For the time being, I was perfectly happy wasting time in a shoe store with my roommates.

Sometimes it’s nothing more than a single happy moment, a snapshot that serves as a reminder that life is looking up. I’m continuing to make it in New York City—now as a Brooklyn-ite.

Stay tuned—I will post pictures of my new apartment and neighborhood soon!



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