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RachelHi, my name is Rachel Burkot. I’m a young professioinal freelance writer and editor looking to gain more exposure and publicity. I graduated from Westminster College last December with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Writing/Speech Communication minors. I’m currently writing articles for www.wisegeek.com and editing manuscripts for Dorrance Publishing Company in Pittsburgh. I live in Cranberry Township, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh, with my parents, two younger sisters and two Shetland Sheepdog puppies (. . . okay, one is 11, but she’ll always be a puppy to me!) I’ve always loved to write, and I believe it’s one of the most understated joys in life to curl up on a couch with a good book. I’d love to be either the next Charles Dickens or J.K. Rowling. While I’m busy chasing dreams of authordom and book signings by night, during the day I’m currently employing myself in the full-time job of looking for a full-time job . . . which anyone who has gone through a job search can certainly relate to! It’s tough out there, but I’m trying to keep my spirits up, and writing has always been able to do that for me.

My ideal job is to work as an editor for a publishing company, surrounded by tomorrow’s classics and corresponding with soon-to-be Faulkners and Hemingways. The only problem is publishing is VERY difficult to get into, especially when you’re looking for entry-level positions . . . they are few and far between, and it seems like you have to know someone just to get a janitorial job at a publishing company! Also, I’m finding that there aren’t many opportunities in publishing in the Pittsburgh area (I think I’m employed as a freelance editor by one of the city’s only publishing houses), but I am willing to move anywhere for the right job. And while I’d love to get into publishing as soon as possible, I’m looking at any and all writing or editing jobs for now to serve as a stepping stone to where I’d eventually like to end up. I’m sure there are many people out there dealing with the same things I am–trying to figure out the best way to chase your dreams, planning out your life, and just trying to find the motivation to get out of bed day after day while not knowing where this is all leading. I hope you can relate to the rantings, ravings and (occasionally I’m sure) rejoicings that I’ll share in this blog. Enjoy!

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